Save time and sandpaper with The Sandbox Tool

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a manual ergonomic tool that fits comfortably in one’s hand. It has a simple strap that can hang from the wrist to allow you to use both hands. It will force you to pull vs. push to do a quality job. The blade will has various angles to achieve a job well done.

Within the cavity of The Sandbox is a roll of 2” wide sandpaper. The sandpaper is secured on the back top part of the unit and the blade. When it’s worn out, you can simply pull it out and tear it off using the flat edge of the blade. You can scrape by holding the sandbox at a slight angle and by lying it flat, it’ll allow the sandpaper to make contact with the surface to polish it.

The Sandbox is a great tool for any home but especially professional painters, home doers, and deck finishers. The Sandbox is a helpful tool for many household needs.

Jeff started with a wooden block. He hollowed out the core to allow the sandpaper to be stored.  The Sandbox is designed to be sleek, comfortable, and to fit into everyone’s hands. It’s also inexpensive to own.  

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